Back in Russia – minus a few of my possessions.

Well it turns out Liden and Denz have gone all United Airlines on me (without the persistent rudeness). Having arrived in Russia on Friday evening I was picked up from the airport by Sasha, and also bumped into another friend Charlie – despite the usual bleak, wet Russian weather a great start. We took a marshrutka to the metro and arrived home via a relatively painless journey but it was at home where the problems began. The flat was spotless – everything completely clean and tidy; the bath still sticks out of the wall but I’ve grown to love it and will be quite sad to see the back of it. However everything that I’d left in my room (under the explicit instruction of the school) was gone. My beloved laptop (which was dead), my even more beloved football and my universally despised clothes (Anna was slightly too happy at the prospect of them potentially being lost) are no more. Or they might be…. Having spoken to Liden and Denz this morning they told me that they had no idea where my things are – yet they seemingly knew my laptop was broken. You don’t need to have watched the first couple of episodes of Sherlock to figure out that something doesn’t quite match up….. Hopefully everything will get sorted tomorrow. 


Apart from this reasonably frustrating situation, being back in Russia is great. The weather is still just about bearable (it’s -7 today), and the city looks beautiful in the snow – photos will hopefully follow soon. Also, whilst in America I was very kindly given a pair of very cool spy sunglasses which have the ability to record audio and video (thank you very much Mr Claunch!), so if I manage to get a micro SD card, hopefully I’ll be able to show you all my walk to school, and some of the wonderful buildings and rivers here in St Petersburg. I’ve also got a lovely new flatmate who is Swedish – picking up from where Robin left off – except she’s slightly more tidy…!


Hopefully I’ll have some good news about my things tomorrow, otherwise I’m going to presume that someone in Russia has had a very good Christmas and is currently wearing a Zenit shirt, kicking around a really nice football and trying to figure out why my laptop screen isn’t completely attached to the keyboard….