Liden and Denz come up trumps and Russia, unsurprisingly, is starting to get colder.

Well it actually turns out that Liden and Denz are currently miles ahead of United Airlines. I’ve just got home from a meeting with the school where they completely apologised for the situation and give me adequate compensation! Great result. Not holding out as much hope for United Airlines – having been in touch with some of the other passengers, 2 were given travel certificates for $250 each, and two were given nothing. Their self imposed deadline of getting back to me is tomorrow, so hopefully I will having something more to tell you all then.

In other news, Russia is starting to get colder – it was -12 yesterday, but the persistent wind chill and snow make everything seem freezing. The more it snows, however, the more beautiful it gets. St Petersburg is built on a swamp and has a series of rivers and canals running through it, which by now are pretty much all frozen over, something that I’m really not very used to! I’ll leave you with a suitably snowy and cold (red faced) picture of me in front of one of the most beautiful cathedrals in St Petersburg, the Church of the Spilled Blood. I hope it’s slightly warmer wherever you are!