A reply from United Airlines

After harassing United Airlines on Twitter for today, as well as filling out the customer care form, I felt like I was getting nowhere and did some stalking on the internet. I came across a website for other people as annoyed at United as I was(http://www.untied.com/) and sent my complaint email to a couple of senior customer care United employees using their email addresses that I found on this website. Today I got the following response:


Dear Mr. Murray:


Thank you for contacting United Airlines.


Scott OLeary forwarded your email to me and asked that I contact you on his behalf. 

I realize my apology cannot erase what happened, but I hope it helps to know we take your concerns very seriously. 

At United Airlines, we believe all customers and co-workers are to be treated with dignity and respect. This philosophy is deeply woven into everything we do. 

The behavior you described would not be acceptable under any circumstances.


When you fly with United, you expect us to take good care of you and to provide timely, efficient and professional service.  Your comments that our staff in Newark was not helpful and was very rude and unprofessional concerns me.  I have shared your feedback with our operations manager for their follow up with the employees involved.  This will be helpful in evaluating our service to ensure we respond more effectively to you in the future. 
We may not be able to undo the circumstances you experienced; however, I would like to offer you an electronic travel certificate as an expression of our concern. I will need some additional information to process your travel certificate, so please provide me with your flight number, address, phone number and MileagePlus number if available. Once I receive your information please allow 3-5 days for processing and delivery via a separate e-mail.


You mentioned that there were other passengers that were disserviced, so if you can provide me with their information I will be happy to assist them as well. 

Please be assured your comments will be forwarded to division senior management for internal review and necessary corrective action. 

We appreciate your business and look forward to welcoming you on board a future United Airlines flight.  






Lisa Venters

Corporate Customer Care



I have replied and I’m waiting to see if this ‘electronic travel certificate’ amounts to anything worthwhile. If so, ‘don’t fly United’ will become ‘don’t fly United unless they pay for you to do so…..’ I’ll keep you updated.