New year, new me! Or more accurately, a new laptop….

After a reasonably sustained effort of blogging in September, my writing career came to an abrupt end with the death of my laptop. Whilst it may be a new year, it isn’t really a new me (just ask anybody who works for United Airlines at Newark aiport), however, having, very generously, been given a new laptop for Christmas hopefully I’ll be able to continue to update you from St Petersburg (until February 10th) and then Yaroslavl (from February 26th onwards). There are no promises though that the updates will be any better/more frequent that when I did/didn’t have a laptop last year….

 Due to the incompetency of United Airlines (more to follow next time – as you can probably tell by now they aren’t in my good books), I’m now rather frantically trying to get myself ready for my imminent departure to Russia on Friday morning, so when I arrive and settle in I’ll hopefully post a couple of updates about my wonderful Christmas and New Year in America, and my less wonderful journey home (don’t ever fly with United Airlines if you can possibly avoid it).

Watch this space.


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