10 Kolomenskaya

After the end of my first week of lessons in Russia I have started to fall in love with St Petersburg. Nevski Prospekt at night is just beautiful, and the way that landmarks are lit up at night is one of the many things that the Russians do extremely well – alongside ice fishing, drinking and driving incredibly dangerously. However one of the few things that this country needs to address is its lack of attention to interior design. 

For those of you who know me (which let’s face it is likely to be everyone reading this blog – it has hardly set the world alight…yet), this may seem like a rather strange complaint. Usually I would be the last person to worry about the decor of my room or any such matter relating to beauty. Indeed this is so, and whilst I have no problems with the incredibly drab, seemingly Soviet inspired curtains which are in my room, it is more the design of the rooms that I take issue with. For example; as like every normal house, our bath is in the bathroom…or at least most of it is. It is in fact placed in such a way inside the bathroom that some of it protrudes through a carefully cut hole in the wall and ends up in the hallway. Unique. 



If that wasn’t quite enough, the Russians have seemingly decided that most people are no taller than about 5″7 at a push – the shower head is at the same height as my shoulders and I physically can’t stand up straight in the shower. Other than that the place is great. Oh except that they have also decided that the same height restrictions apply to the toilet and it is rather difficult to sit down.

With that having been said, I couldn’t have asked for better flatmates. Max and Robin are both great fun and very easy to live with – even if Robin is a Sweedish MMA fighter. The food is very passable (even if we have no oven) and they are great company in the evenings. Tonight we are off to a Russian board game party with Robin’s boss to play Risk and Monopoly and hopefully try to integrate with some locals and practice my limited language skills. We’ve also just booked tickets to go and watch SKA in one of their opening hockey games of the season. Apparently this is what to expect… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYxMX6-gfCw – looks mental. Hope you are all having as much fun as I am!



One thought on “10 Kolomenskaya

  1. Think you’ll find that’s a shelf very thoughtfully positioned in your hall. All sorts of useful things you could do with it.

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