Day 2

So after some persuasion, the mildly anticipated blog has been started – expect it to be redundant after a couple of weeks at best….

Liden and Denz is great, unlike my Russian. I have 4 hours of solid teaching everyday from 10-2 though so hopefully that will help me make some sort of progress. So far what I have learnt in Russia:

– Spurs still have a wonderful habit of managing to spoil my day half way across the world.

– Living with 2 Arsenal fans isn’t as painful as it sounds.

– If an oven is completely broken Russians seem to feel that a little scattering of gaffer tape across the front of it should fix it.

– A completely broken oven can’t be fixed by gaffer tape.

– It is relatively normal to leave your block of flats in the morning and have to negotiate a 3 foot wide trench that has been seemingly dug over night.

– Most Russians hate Moscow

– And last but probably most importantly,  the lovely Nikolai at Beeline spent a good ten minutes telling me that Arsenal desperately need to sign a keeper because he is a ‘hole’.

This country is superb, yet still slightly scary.

Time to learn some language,



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